Whether you are in the market for a specific item or service, looking for contact information for a local organization, or checking out extracurricular activities for your children, the information can be found on the Minto and Chipman websites. With the two villages in such close proximity, what you are unable to find in one, you may just find in the other.

Village of Minto - http://www.villageofminto.ca/businesses
Village of Chipman - http://www.chipmannb.org/organizations-businesses

Not all businesses in the Grand Lake region have storefronts, but they may just have that specialty item or service that you are seeking. Within the Grand Lake area, there are a large number of entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and home party presenters. See which services are available locally in the Facebook group, “BUSINESSES – GRAND LAKE AREA, N.B.” https://www.facebook.com/groups/607377682703832/

Are you looking for a location to set up a business in the Grand Lake region? The Village of Minto has several prime Industrial locations presently available within the Village limits.