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Whether you are searching for a permanent residence or a vacation destination, the Grand Lake region of New Brunswick is where you need to be! Embraced by a wondrous landscape of waterways, endless forests, and a small town way of life, the Grand Lake region is rural living at its finest.

Located on the northwest shore of Grand Lake, the region is comprised of two distinct villages and several outlying communities. All share a history rich in culture and a landscape shaped by the efforts and determination of new Canadians who arrived centuries ago to work in the mining and forestry industries and who ultimately made the Grand Lake region ‘home’.

As you browse through our website, you will immediately recognize what you have been missing – clean living, a relaxed lifestyle, year-round recreational activities, affordable housing, and all of the amenities of rural New Brunswick. Our Grand Lake region is the land of endless opportunities.

Isn’t it time to discover what living is all about?



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- Important links to keep you informed on the flooding situation:
     NB Emergency Measures Organization - 1-800-561-4034 
     Canadian Red Cross - 1-800-863-6582
     Flood Line - 357-3211
                                                                                             Road Closures - Call 511 - MAP (GNB) 
                                                                                             River Watch
                                                                                             NB POWER - Outage Map & Reporting 
                                                                                             NB POWER Disconnections - 1-800-663-6272
                                                                                      - Chipman welcomes an opportunity for population growth (CBC report - March 5th, 2019)
Quick links - 

Links - Villages of Chipman & Minto
How far to the nearest cities?
"10 Weeks of Giveaways" Contest Winners.
Minto's Distinguished Citizen 2018 - Paul Garner
Chipman's Distinguished Citizen 2018 - Bob McNee

Chipman and Minto Summer Festival FB pages
The History-Making Flood of 2018
The Spruce Budworm Invasion – Prevention is Key



Follow the action on the Village Facebook pages and websites -

Village of Chipman - Facebook / Website

Village of Minto  - Facebook / Website


How far to the nearest city?

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Distances as calculated by Google Maps:
   Chipman NB to Fredericton NB - 77km                         Minto NB to Fredericton NB - 52km
   Chipman NB to Moncton NB - 131km                            Minto NB to Moncton NB - 157km
   Chipman NB to Saint John NB - 145km                        Minto NB to Saint John NB - 138km

Our '10 Weeks of Giveaways' contest has concluded ............

We hope you enjoyed your summer of fun contests as much as we did. If you missed out, you can find the details for each of the weekly contests on our Facebook page. Be sure to 'Like' and 'Follow' us. You just never know when another random contest might just pop onto your screen! 

The Winners:

WEEK   1 - Ashley McNamara (Chipman, NB)
WEEK   2 - Brandie LaBeurque (Minto, NB)
WEEK   3 - Christine Faria (Barrie, ON)
WEEK   4 - Sherri Chase (Chipman, NB)
WEEK   5 - Lyndsay Post (Macquapit Lake, NB)
WEEK   6 - Cathy Caissie (Chipman, NB)
WEEK   7 - Emily Denise Tibbets (Ripples, NB)
WEEK   8 - Jackie Dirstein (Kitchener, ON)
WEEK   9 - Sara Jenkins (Kingston, ON)
WEEK 10 - Patti Auld Johnson (Fredericton, NB)
 Bonus 11 - Laura Casey (Noonan, NB)
Be in the know about what's happening in the Grand Lake Region. 


 Paul Garner - Minto's Distinguished Citizen 2018

 Bob McNee - Chipman's Distinguished Citizen 2018


Summer Festivals 2018 in review ....

Browse the photos on the Chipman and Minto festival-themed Facebook pages:  

2018 Chipman Summer Festival  

2018 Minto Summer Festival 


The History-Making Flood of 2018 

May 7th, 2018 - At the height of the 2018 flooding in the Grand Lake west region of New Brunswick, CTV National News toured the Princess Park area (Rte 690) by boat with local businessman, Brian Glenn, who explained just how severe the damage actually was. Important to note is that although many of the structures in this particular video are seasonal, there were also many permanent residences around the lake that were affected as well. 

The video itself lays witness to the ransacking caused by the high water levels and wind, but Glenn put the severity of the flooding in perspective. "After the water recedes, it's not just a case of going in there with big fans and drying it out. There's huge structural damage. A lot of them are beyond repair," he stated.

At the end of August 2018, evidence of the flood can still be seen - empty spaces and trailers now appear where cottages had been; one or two cottages are still skewed, remaining as they landed when the water receded; curtainless windows provide a view of ladders and emptiness; and only a handful have been jacked and lifted in hopes of preventing future damage in the Springs to follow. 

This myriad of devastation was also evident along the shorelines of the Salmon River near Chipman. When flooding closed all access roads except one that was deemed suitable only for larger vehicles and trucks, the community was given a new nickname - 'The Island of Chipman'. For the first time, the people in the Village were isolated. The flood waters eventually receded along several of the access roads, but the water levels under the bridge remained high, keeping it closed until a structural inspection had been completed. Residents were not able to 'drive out' of their community for days. Fortunately, alternate emergency plans were put in place quickly to ensure that medical needs were met. A rail bus was brought in to deliver goods for the grocery stores. A local couple offered rides across the Salmon River several times each day so residents could travel to their jobs in other communities, their vehicles parked and waiting for them across the river. EMO-NB and EMO Chipman provided daily updates on Facebook and concerns regarding the potential for contamination of water was addressed efficiently.

In this area, those with homes and cottages around Grand Lake and along the Saint John River were affected the longest. The routines of the people of Chipman were interrupted for approximately a week. But as devastating as the Flood of 2018 was, no lives were lost. For that, we can be thankful. For the people of the Grand Lake west region, the already present sense of community was strengthened and welded into something that cannot be broken, even by Mother Nature herself. If you have never personally experienced the power of rural community living - especially during a time of hardship - it is an amazing phenomena and most definitely a force to be reckoned with. Neighbour helping neighbour. It just doesn't get better than that.

Watch the CTV story here 


The Spruce Budworm Invasion – Prevention is Key

The ‘Healthy Forest Partnership’ is a four-year research initiative introduced in 2014 with the goal of establishing an effective and proactive approach for the detection and treatment of Spruce Budworm populations in New Brunswick before they reach epidemic proportions. With an invasion of Spruce Budworm presently wreaking havoc on the forests of Quebec, the Partnership is determined to develop a method of control that will result in a lesser impact on the forests of our province.

The research is showing success, but the Partnership is concerned that the Federal Government’s financial support of this program may end at the completion of the four-year agreement. Without the additional funding, the early intervention program would be at risk. This means that NB Forests will not be protected from the onslaught of spruce budworm.

You can help protect the woodlands in our province. Click the link below, enter your contact information, and a letter of support will automatically be sent to your MP. https://actforhealthyforests.ca/ 

More information on the Spruce Budworm spray program is available on the Partnership website - http://www.healthyforestpartnership.ca/en/. (Please note the video)

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact Robert Fawcett, Director of Corporate Relations, Forestry by phone at (506) 632-7777 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This initiative is supported by the Grand Lake NB Growth and Opportunities Board of Directors.



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