Whether you are in the market for a specific item or service, looking for contact information for a local organization, or checking out extracurricular activities for your children, the information can be found on the Minto and Chipman websites. With the two villages in such close proximity, what you are unable to find in one, you may just find in the other. 

Village of Minto - http://www.villageofminto.ca/businesses
Village of Chipman - http://www.chipmannb.org/organizations-businesses


View a comprehensive listing of businesses and organizations in the Grand Lake west region here


Are you looking for a location to set up a business in the Grand Lake region? The Village of Minto has several prime Industrial locations presently available within the Village limits. 

Business & Organization Links for Grand Lake West

If you are in need of a particular product or service, consider this table your 'Grand Lake West Region equivalent to the Yellow Pages'. Here you will find businesses located anywhere from Cumberland Bay to Chipman, through to Minto, and on down the west side of Grand Lake to Lakeville Corner. The contact information is easily accessible with just a click. Although it is not yet all-inclusive, it is a well-rounded work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis. The information contained within was found on the Minto & Chipman Village websites, the ‘Businesses – Grand Lake Region’ Facebook page, and other sources. 

If you would like your business added or removed from this list - or if you see a business listed here that is no longer operating - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(Updated: June 5, 2019) 


Grand Lake West, N.B.

Accommodations & Campgrounds Crafts, Quilts, & Giftware Grocery &  Convenience Municipal Services Sewing & Alterations
Accounting & Banking Direct Sales &  Home Parties  Hair & Nail Care Music Lessons & Repair Small Engine Repair  
Art & Photography Educational Services Industry Non-Profit Organizations Sports & Recreation 
Automotive & Car Care Electricians Insurance Pet Care
Taxi & Towing
Baking & Preserves Entertainment Venues & Rentals Landscaping & Excavation Plumbing & Heating Tourism & Travel 
Building Supplies Exercise & Self Improvement Laundry & Housekeeping Services Printing Services  Trucking & Snow Removal
Carpentry & Construction  Firewood & Fuel Legal Services Real Estate 


Child Care Furniture & Flooring  Liquor Agencies & Wineries Restaurants & Food Services  
Churches & Congregations Gardening & Tree Service Medical Security & Alarms
Computer Repair General Merchandise Mooring Inspections Senior & Special Care